The Edu Talk 3

Education is a spear-headed ideology whereby, knowledge is imparted on someone or the other way round -knowledge is gained. Education is believed to be the key and stepping stone to success; especially in this part of the world that we are in. It is believed that if you are not educated, you are irrelevant in the society and …

The Edu Talk 2

Education is usually seen as affecting the society by socializing individuals. It has opened the door to knowledge and it is beginning to close that of ignorance. It helps in the mental, intellectual nourishment and the growth of a person. You need to know that without education, an individual cannot progress intellectually and cannot develop skills …

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Food for thoughts by the Author

  • Don’t go on a journey without your complete kit.
  • You don’t know the power of your fist until you break new bounds.
  • Help others reduce their luggage by shedding them off not wearing them on.
  • Draw a plan, join the dots: connect where you are now to where you want to be.
  • Create a family among your enemies.
  • Watch your seeds while they grow so that they can shade you when you’re old.
  • If all you know in this world is fashion and style, you’ve made an idol, resign!
  • If you must trust, love first.
  • Show the world how you want it to be.
  • Do things the hard way so that the benefits would come the easy way.
  • Learn to love, love to learn.
  • There’s no greater joy than being won and winning a soul.
  • Think before you leap, sink before you swim.
  • The most powerful way of handling issues is by prayer.
  • Don’t go back to your vomit because the odor doesn’t get any better.
  • There are many gifts embedded in you, versatility exposes them. Be versatile.
  • Your dream? Don’t rush it, take it easy.
  • There are no two you, don’t copy others. Be you!
  • You gain when you pray.